The Big Boss by Penny Wylder

Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 9.56.58 PMThe Big Boss, by Penny Wylder is a 93-page contemporary romance novel. It is written from a first-person POV, two-sided.

Here’s the thing about Penny Wylder, her books are dirty and fun. Don’t expect some great character arc for both protagonists. Heat level is a definite five.

Spoilers Ahead ***

First let’s be real about what this story is really about, I’d put this in the section of, almost coming of age. Where a woman who is not into the scene, but learns that she has a strong lean towards being submissive. The story follows her through this transition to acceptance of what she likes. I mean, it isn’t a handbook, but there’s lots of great sex scenes, if that helps.

Justine is not a lover of wealthy men, in fact she pretty much stays away from them, but “fate” isn’t going to allow that. The meetcute was actually funny, she’s helping out a friend by delivering flowers to CEO, Keenan Silverman. She delivers scathing dialogue to him, informing him that cactus’s live longer. Why? Because she’s confrontational, but, opposites do attract. This is definitely a case of instalust.

Keenan, I mean, he’s a billionaire, no one talks back to him, but having Justine barge into his office and telling him off, apparently gets him going (masochistic, much? :-D). He needs to see her again, so he puts in a request that she comes to deliver his flowers always. This angers Justine, because she did it as a favor to her friend, she does not work for her friend’s florist shop.

Where’s the conflict, you ask? Well, Keenan is a building developer, finds lands and gentrifies it and Justine is a bleeding heart, hippy (her words, not mine). Justine’s actual day job is taking care of the elderly, delivering food, keeping them company, things like that. When she finds out that Keenan’s company is looking to destroy one of her client’s home, she’s devastated, I’m sure you can follow where this goes.

In summary, I give this a 4 out of 5. I know what to expect out of Penny, so if you’re looking for heartwarming, this is not the book for you…but if you’re looking for some hot sex scenes this is a good, quick read. The reason I score this higher than the last Penny Wylder book I reviewed is because this had a bit more solid substance than the last one.

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