The Dare by Lauren Landish

Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at 10.29.50 PMThe Dare, by Lauren Landish is a 350-page contemporary romance novel.

Oh man…this review is going to be a disappointment.

Spoilers Ahead ***

I got 6% into the book and decided to stop. Let me at least give an overall summary.

Elle is an adrenaline junky who has a best friend that keeps daring her to do idiotic things, which she does.

Her boss, Colton…didn’t even get far enough into the book to meet him.

This book has high ratings on Amazon and a little lower in Goodreads. The headline for the book is:

Have you ever had one of those really bad days at work?
You know, one where your hot boss catches you photocopying your backside in his office?
No? Just me then?

That sounds promising, right? I couldn’t get past the annoying female protagonist. She’s entitled, she works at a company her father is president of with her best friend from grade school. She does stupid dares for the thrill of it, which no thought to consequences…so…yeah. I just couldn’t continue. I think I got to chapter 2 or 3? And the male protagonist had yet to make an appearance.

That being said, I’ve read other books by this author and her writing is really solid, but no matter how good her writing is, the main character…no.

In summary, I give this a 1 out of 5.

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