Wicked Wish by Sawyer Bennett

Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 10.06.03 PMWicked Wish, by Sawyer Bennett is a 298-page contemporary romance novel and is the second book out of a 9-book series. And since this is a 9-book series, you can expect reviews by this author pretty back to back for the next few weeks as I go through the books. It is written from a first-person POV, two-sided.

Sawyer is an author who generally writes dirty, dirty sex scenes, at least in this book and this is the first book I’ve read from this author. Considering this series is based around “The Wicked Horse”, which is a Vegas sex club, you can expect some dirtiness. So if you’re someone who is looking for some dirty read (which there is nothing wrong with that) this is the book for you.

Spoilers Ahead ***

Jorie left her home in LA to come back home to Nevada after her husband kicked her out of their home, claiming “she’s bad in the sack”. Yeah, so there’s that. If you’re married or have been in relationships, that’s a pretty terrible thing to say to someone and end a relationship as though there are no other redeeming qualities. It’s clear her ego was bruised from that comment, so why not prove him wrong by hitting up the local sex club? It was masquerade night, so even more anonymity to the sex. How was she to know she’d find herself in between her brother’s best friend and a wall?

Walsh sees a scar on Jorie’s breast and realizes who she is, that doesn’t stop him from finishing as he’s slamming into her, but after it also didn’t stop him from dragging her out of the club. He’s the owner of a casino and has been successful, but he also has no interest in a relationship, getting remarried, or having children…of course, all things Jorie wants. They agree to keep their sexual exploits casual, but he realizes that won’t be enough for him when Jorie considers what to do with her marriage.

Overall, I found the characters likeable.

Generally, here are my thoughts

  1. This book…is true. The problems the protagonists face are legit and happen in real life so it can be a bit hard to swallow (no pun intended), so you can relate to their issues. They were both married (well Jorie is separated and Walsh is divorced) and struggle with issues from those relationships
  2. Oddly, I kind of liked Jorie’s husband at the end, he isn’t a bad guy
  3. Even though they grew up together, I think the author did a good job resolving the possible brother/sister relationship that could have developed in their youths
  4. Depending on the person who reads this book you might be weirded out by their 8 year age difference and how he did have dirty thoughts about her when she was 16, but again…it’s kind of real. They never did anything when she was 16 and he was 23/24, but they both expressed interest at that age for each other later in the book
  5. I struggled a bit when she returned to her husband for a brief period out of desperation, but…like I said, that’s a legit scenario. The part I really struggled with is that she wasn’t financially independent at all, that sort of drove me a little crazy
  6. The ending was nicely wrapped up. The book does read as a standalone, so there is no hint into the next book

In summary, I give this a 3 out of 5.

Review of first book can be found here:

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