Savage Prince by Meghan March

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Savage Prince, by Meghan March is a 252-page contemporary romance novel and is the first book out of a trilogy. It is written from a first-person POV, two-sided.

Oh, heads up…there is a bit of BDSM, really light, but there is anal sex. And yes, the anti-hero is NOT a good man…he’s a hired assassin. The thing about dark romances is there is rarely a magical turnaround for the anti-hero. They will most likely remain in their profession, be it hired killer, mafia boss, or conman. The books focus is going to be about bringing someone who is “innocent” into the dark world and either converting them to their way of life or having the innocent one provide a balance to the darkness.

Spoilers Ahead ***

I’ve mentioned this before… I dislike duets and trilogies because I prefer to have a romance be settled in one novel versus going on and on and on.

Temperance Ransom and the unknown man.

The interesting thing about Temperance is you meet her in the Mount Trilogy where she works for Keira as, well, her go to girl. She takes care of everything Keira doesn’t or can’t due to time constraints, or in the Mount Trilogy–life. Temperance grew up in the backwaters of New Orleans in a town most people were born, then died in. She never wanted that life for herself. She wanted to be somebody, have security, and make enough money that she would be confident she wouldn’t starve. Here’s the thing with Temperance, she’s a closet artist…

Unknown man…all you learn about him in this book, is that he’s a dirty, alpha man who appreciates Temperance’s art.

They end up meeting in a sex club that poor Temperance didn’t know was one. I know that doesn’t make sense, but usually sex clubs aren’t exactly advertising all over town what they are. Temperance was just doing her job and trying to get the owner of the club to buy whisky from the company she is now a COO at. Instead, she ends up bent over a desk getting spanked…so there’s that.

The book is essentially a nice setup of Temperance as a character, but little is known about the mystery man other than he loves to do her. She spends most of the time fighting with who she is versus who she wants to be, a COO or an artist. She also works to leave her past behind her, move forward, be better than where she came from…unfortunately, her brother does not share that sentiment and ends up getting into quite a bit of trouble. He ends up skipping town with a bounty on his head and at the end of the book, mystery man is keeping her safe from those who may try to get to her brother through her.

And cliffhanger? He accepted the contract to kill her brother. And he has four weeks to do so.

The one thing I wish…is that the POV was more balanced in this book. It was very Temperance heavy. AND you never learn who the unknown man is until the last, freaking chapter.

In summary, I give this a 4 out of 5

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