Billionaire’s Captive by Lee Savino & Stasia Black

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This is made up of three stories where the reader gets their happily ever after in book three. I would classify this under the tropes Second Chance and a weird Frenemies to Lovers situation. This book is a combination of fantasy and romance as it takes place in a make-believe city.

Book 1: Beauty’s Beast (4 out 5)
This was a great story for the setup of the characters. You learn who the beast is toward the end, but it’s not rocket science, you’ll figure out who the beast is pretty quickly up front. I enjoyed the character intros, it was a great way to show who they are. Daphne starts off as a studious, dedicated scientist in search for a cure to a disease. She’s been so focused on finding a cure and being a people pleaser that she neglects to grow as her own person and show others who she really is.

The “beast” is a tortured soul who has grown up with injustices in his life between being abandoned by both parents and then betrayed by his mentor he has returned to the city for revenge and for Daphne.

Book 2: Beauty and the Thorns (3 out of 5)
The reason I rate this book low is because I absolutely hate flashbacks. So, so much. The book is really well written, but I just find it boring to slog through someone’s past when you can learn about it in the present.

Another reason I disliked this book a little is because it was getting a bit exhausting of the back and forth with Daphne and Logan. The misunderstands they had between them were so ridiculous and Logan began to annoy me with his inability to listen to her.

Book 3: Beauty and the Rose (4 out of 5)
Beautiful ending. You’re finally at the climax of the book where everything goes to the dumpster and things get crazy. I think the authors did a great job wrapping up the story to leave readers with a possible taste of what’s to come, but also satisfied with where the protagonists end their story.

General summary
I admire how the authors took bits and pieces of the Disney telling of Beauty and the Beast and tweaked it. Though recognizable, it was still unique and relevant to the story.

This is going to sound crazy, but there was way too much sex. I felt like every chapter I read was sex. I love reading sex scenes, but I admit, I skimmed a ton of them and just picked out relevant components as it pertained to Daphne’s sexual enlightenment.

I was thrilled with the happy ending and glad that the authors ended things the way they did for Logan and Daphne.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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