Red Hot Romeo by Jenny Gardiner

Screen Shot 2021-03-14 at 2.18.11 PMRed Hot Romeo, by Jenny Gardiner is a 177-page Contemporary romance. It is written from a third-person POV, two-sided. This book is the first of seven in the series.

I give this book a 2/5. <– From what I was able to read. I try to give a book at least five chapters before I call it quits.

There were so many things this book started off with that annoyed me. If you enjoyed this book, please comment and tell me why. I’d love a different perspective.

Premise of the book, owner of the vineyard is not looking for love, neither is the model from America (who for some reason has British slang idioms in her vocab).

Taylor (the model) came to visit her friend who is staying at a vineyard for the weekend and meets Sandro (man who needs no woman) who owns said vineyard.

  1. Omniscient style POV because even though you are in one characters POV, the author is explaining things to you that the character themselves would never think. Like, “his cousin was prince of a small municipality…” Yeah. It’s his cousin. He knows this.
  2. A lot of repetition in the beginning of what the characters want. It’s great to identify it, but it’s a bit exhausting to read about it every. single. time you’re in that person’s POV
  3. A few snippets of things that made me think the author needed an editor:
    1. in reference to a side character’s engagement ring, “it belonged to the only other blond member of the royal family”…so the side character, Luca, got the ring for his fiancee because it belonged to someone who was blond? WHAT? That makes no sense
    2. “not the troglodytes you’ve been dating.” I’m all for big words. They’re fun. But I think cavemen would have been fine to say
  4. Dialogue tagging was a bit over the top at times. (OMG I didn’t even finish this book), for example, “…keep your mouth shut,’ Taylor said, throwing Sandro some shade as she stood up for her friend.” <– Calling out the shade throwing was not necessary, and of course she’s sticking up for her friend
  5. The scene that made me stop…is when Taylor and her BFF (Larkin) were having a side conversation saying negative things about Sandro (and it was in his POV) and he had zero emotion or reaction.
  6. I also dislike the author’s willingness to commit on emotion…at one point one of the characters was “half” glaring at another.

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