Hello World!

I am so excited! I don’t know why I didn’t think of starting something like this before. I love to read and am an avid reader.

I started this blog because I want to share my book reviews as well as the authors I’ve been reading. I read everything, mysteries, Sci-Fi, historical, and romance. Fair warning, it’s A LOT of romance, so the majority of my reviews will be that.

I love romance so much if you browse the books I’ve read in Good Reads the styles of the authors range from historical to contemporary…from sweet to BDSM. For me, it isn’t about how smutty the book is (although that’s always fun), it’s about getting lost in a world or maybe a time that is different from my life now. Sometimes the books are ridiculous (aliens and humans, why not?), and sometimes it’s more easily relatable.

For me, it’s about the character arc, how people change, and how they interact with others in the story and world around them–It isn’t about “that couldn’t really happen”, it’s, “maybe it could happen”.

My plan is to post a review for every book I read moving forward. So far this year I’ve read 380 books…so it’s a shame I didn’t start this blog sooner. Hey, it’s only mid July…I can read another 300 at least.

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