Review of Dating Games by T.K. Leigh

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So, Dating Games, by T.K. Leigh is a 430 page Contemporary Romance novel. It falls under the trope of: Fake Relationship.

Spoilers Ahead ***

Long time reader, first time reading this author. If you’re like me, you stick with authors you know and have read ALL of their books. I’ve spent a lot of time reading this year…as a matter of fact, I believe this is book 389 for me.

First off, this book…what a terrible way for the heroine to start! Her boyfriend that she supported for 8 years, financially, is dumping her (they were together for 12) because she’s not “good enough” for him. So she goes off on a rampage, at a bar, on how she wasted her life and time. She wakes up the next morning next to an Adonis and she isn’t sure if they boned or not. She’s certain they have as she awakes in her underwear.

The hero ends up being a broken, yet chivalrous soul who is always looking out for others but never for himself. He proves it throughout the book in multiple ways from, taking care of her emotionally, financially, gifts, putting her needs before his own, you name it and he pretty much does it (I mean, he’s a billionaire, so why not).

This is romance, so there is the HEA and the marriage proposal, the whole nine yards. Overall, it was a nice read. This is a romance that I’d categorize as a slow burn. Kissing, sex, all happen relatively late in the book, about 50% in. Outside of the physical aspect, here are my overall critiques on the book:

  1. I enjoyed the author’s writing
  2. I don’t typically love one-sided POVs. I prefer to have both sides of the protagonists POV’s appear, alas, you only get the heroines. I personally just find having both sides to be more enriching and helps you connect better with both characters. That said, the one-sided POV was very well done.
  3. The sex scenes were…sweet. So if you’re looking for something dirty, like you’d get from Penny Wylder or Tessa Bailey, look elsewhere.
  4. The heroine…oh man…the heroine…as a person, she was a bit much for me. To stand on a bar (at a bar) and air out your dirty laundry to EVERYONE when you aren’t even drunk is…a bit much. And in NY no less…I get she’s from Nebraska, but from one east coaster to another…the reaction from the people at the bar was unprecedented. I had a few other issues from the heroine, when she goes to the police station with damning evidence for a homicide and realizes that she had been lied to by the hero she freaks out and DOESN’T give the evidence…I’m sorry…I had a hard time with that. It’s a homicide, get over yourself, and give the damn evidence. The second thing is when her ex-boyfriend comes crawling back to her (as he would) she realizes that the hero really does love her and she needs to give him another chance so she runs off…and leaves her boyfriend in her apartment? That…was weird.
  5. Loved the hero, he had a rough life and I was able to empathize with his plight. Though the heroine got really aggro and pushy to find out that information…to the point where I felt like she was acting a bit entitled.

Generally, I enjoyed the book. It was really long though and some scenes I felt weren’t necessary as they didn’t really add to the book or to the character development. As for the author, like I said, it’s the first book I’ve read of hers and I thoroughly enjoyed it so I went ahead and bought the rest of the books and plan to read them all.

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