Wicked Games by T.K. Leigh

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So, Wicked Games, by T.K. Leigh is a 450-page Contemporary Romance novel. It is the second book in a five part series. It is written in a first-person POV, one-sided, which as you know if you’ve read my other reviews I strongly dislike. My preference is to get both sides of the story…and this book is SOOO long to be stuck in one person’s POV.

Spoilers Ahead ***

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…unless it follows you home and becomes your professor for the last class you actually need to graduate.

Chloe met Lincoln in Vegas in a bar, then in the hotel lobby, then at a friend’s house, etc, etc, etc… They decided since they kept running into each other, why not give into the lustful feelings they’ve been having for each other. They agree to keep it at one night because Chloe does NOT do relationships and Lincoln, after a taste of Chloe he wants a shot.

There was some really great character development here. Chloe came from a broken home where her parents divorced when she was in high school and she took care of her alcoholic mother and hid her mom’s diseases from her dad. It also means her life revolved around taking care of her mom, that meant giving up school, giving up relationships, you name it. Chloe gave it up to take care of her mom. Through her relationship with Lincoln she learns to lean on others, to take care of herself first, and learn that it’s okay to love yourself.

  1. I enjoyed the author’s writing
  2. I don’t typically love one-sided POVs. I prefer to have both sides of the protagonists POV’s appear, alas, you only get the heroines. I personally just find having both sides to be more enriching and helps you connect better with both characters. That said, the one-sided POV was very well done.
  3. The sex scenes were MUCH more risque than her last book
  4. The dialogue is epic in this book
  5. Okay, so I did not enjoy the “girly” scenes. I like some scenes if they have a purpose or drive the story, but I found most of the scenes with Chloe and her friends to be fluffy. It’s like when I read this other book where the author was describing how two people who’d never took care of a kid were failing at it…but it was described in ridiculous detail to the point I didn’t care. That’s how I feel about a lot of the “girls-night out” scenes.
  6. I’m not a fan of books that elude to “fate” a lot. It’s the pragmatic part of me and I noticed the books in this series do that.

Generally, I enjoyed the book. It was really long though and some scenes I felt weren’t necessary as they didn’t really add to the book or to the character development.

Overall, 4 out of 5

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