Review of Good Girl Gone Bad by Carmen Falcone

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 1.12.53 PMGood Girl Gone Bad, by Carmen Falcone is a 202-page contemporary romance novel and is the first book out of a 3-part series called “Dirty Debts”. It is written from a third-person POV, two-sided.

And yet, another new author for me. The book is dirty. So very dirty…I mean…the first scene is them banging, but more on that…

I’ll be honest, I was quite bad. I finished this book days ago so my memory of it is rusty. That doesn’t speak to the quality of the book, but I’ve read a lot of books in the past few months and I’ve been focusing on finishing my own contemporary as well. I will say I’ve refused to read another book until I’ve written this review because I don’t want to screw up plots.

Spoilers Ahead ***

Lily is a hair stylist, a role and space she took over after her mother retired. It’s hard to know if she’s good at her job, I think the assumption is that she is? However, speaking from a curly haired girls perspective, if I find a great hair stylist I follow them wherever they go. She does not seem to have that level of loyalty from her customers. She is massively in-debt. Not only because of the salon, but also because her father passed away and left a lot of medical bills and her mother is in a retirement community that Lily is helping to cover.

Marco is a troubled soul who owns a multi-billion dollar real estate company with his older brother. He grew up without a mother and, well, I almost don’t want to give it away, the build up to her passing was…let’s just say unexpected. Needless to say he blames himself for his mother’s death. He is originally from Italy so more than 50% of this book takes place there. He brokers a deal with Lily to be his fake fiancee and convince his grandmother they are in love. Why? Because he’s pretty sure that his grandmother’s birthday in Italy will be her last and it was her wish that he be settled and have someone who loves him and who he loves in return.

Overall, the characters were likeable, and the meetcute was…well, it was hot. The impetus was that Marco went to talk to Lily to get encourage her to sell the salon to him and his brother who want to turn the whole mall into one giant parking garage…for some reason. It wasn’t explained, because he was too busy banging her in the first few pages.

Generally, here are my thoughts:

  1. I mean…this is Erotica…so the sex is hot. The part I enjoyed is that she didn’t overdo the sex. They weren’t doing it on every page or every other chapter, I’ll be honest, when authors do that I start to skim those scenes just looking for areas where an important tidbit might pop up during the penis in vagina sessions
  2. I liked her style of writing, it was easy to read and the flow for the most part felt natural, but rushed towards the end
  3. Yes, this is an instalust situation. I don’t mind instalust, what I don’t usually enjoy is when the author makes it instalove. The relationship feels forced to me after that

In summary, I give this a 4 out of 5. I plan to read the other two books.

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