Iron Crowne by C.D. Reiss

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Iron Crowne, by C.D. Reiss is a contemporary romance novel part of a series. It is written from a first-person POV, two-side.

Spoilers Ahead ***

God, where do I start…there is so much to unpack here…uh…okay.

First,  I want to start off by saying this style of plot growth wasn’t for me. It is clearly for a lot of people because the book did really well.

Second, I am on the fence if I want to continue with this series and this is why:

  1. I struggled with this book. Though it is two-person POV, the majority of it is Olivia’s as the first nine chapters is her. I was so grateful to get out of her head because I was tired of her imagining doing the nasty with Byron. Normally, I think that’s hot, but it got to be a bit much (NINE CHAPTERS)
  2. Normally, at this point I’d just stop reading, but I wanted to see if it would get better after Byron’s voice joined the party. Honestly, he comes across as a first class ass, It is common when the character is alpha male to be pretty assertive, but his style is really harsh. The thing that takes the edge off is seeing his POV.
  3. This book is hard. The writing is good, but the scenes were…stilted. The flow and pacing weren’t seamless and some of the scenes got to be annoying because it was too much push and pull so it never felt like things were resolved. This is an enemies to lovers trope, so I know this push and pull has to exist, but it felt so unnatural because it was so much of, “I hate you! Now bend me over and give it to me”
  4. I get Olivia wants to get pregnant so she’s doing IUI, but it’s weird that she’s willing to have Byron’s baby when they’re in a legal battle on opposing sides and she “hates” him.
  5. The hardest part for me is even halfway through the book, there was no growth in their emotions toward each other. Not even a “Maybe this could work?” It was just, “I want to do you. Now get out of my face”. There was a lot from Byron’s side of wanting to “own” Olivia, but never why.
  6. Around 60% they sort of admit they like each other, but it just goes back to wanting to do it. And so much of the pull is, Byron wants children? Maybe? He was excited when the condom broke the first time they did it, and was happy that Olivia didn’t take Plan B…but it gets weirder. He proceeds to tell her that they’re friends, since when? The emotions never grew because they were have sex or hating each other.
  7. A little past 60% they agree it’s time to have a baby the old fashion way and Olivia is waxing poetics about how great it would be to have him in their (her and baby) lives, but she’d be heartbroken if he decided he was sick of her. Mm-kay…again, WHEN?
  8. My biggest problem with this book? There was never any emotional growth between the two characters. It was instalust then instalove…the concept of the story was so interesting, but the lack of character growth killed it for me.
  9. The sex scenes were great

In summary, I give this a 3 out of 5.

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