Engaging the Billionaire by Ivy Layne

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Engaging the Billionaire, by Ivy Layne is a 364-page contemporary romance novel and is the eighth book out of a 10-part series (other reviews can be found below). And since this is a 10-part series, you can expect reviews by this author pretty back to back for the next few weeks as I go through the books. It is written from a first-person POV, two-sided.

Ivy Layne is an author who generally writes dirty, dirty sex scenes. So if you’re someone who is looking for some dirty read (which there is nothing wrong with that) this is the book for you. I will warn you ahead of time if you are reading this series, this book in particular had A LOT of sex.

Spoilers Ahead ***

Oooh man…okay, so one of the things I appreciate about Ivy’s books, particularly this series, is that she does an amazing job creating a cohesive world. I’ve read so many of her books in the past few months I know ALL the characters she references or whoever pops in randomly in a scene. It’s really nice. And what’s even nicer? They all get their own stories. So let’s talk about the characters in this story, Riley and Annalise.

This is a second chance romance. Riley and Annalise met back in college and started dating. The secret that Annalise had is she was being stalked and had been since she left high school. The notes she used to get seemed harmless at first then they escalated, real quick. Now the interesting part about this series is that there was a central theme running through all of the books and that theme is the Winters kids, their parents died. They didn’t just die though, it was marked a suicide and murder…and to clarify there are two sets of parents, so the Winters kids, some are siblings and some are cousins.

All of that is importantish when you need to think about whether someone is a brother, sister, or cousin. So this being Annalise’s story, she’s the cousin to Charlie from book 5, The Rebel Billionaire. After the last set of parents died the kids all acted differently and Annalise? Well, she had a stalker so she ran. She never stayed in one place for long and somehow he always found her. So what about Riley? Well, you find out in one of her flashbacks that Riley was actually targeted by her stalker and almost died, twice. To keep him safe, Annalise broke it off and left.

After running for almost ten years she decided it was time to stop and take her life back. So she worked with her family and Sinclair Security (YES they have a story too! I will be reviewing those later) to expose the stalker. So much craziness happens, but the in the end, they find out the stalker was a man who basically looked after them after the parents died and you find out that the reason he was stalking Annalise is because she looked so much like her mother and he had been in love with her. You also learn that he is the one that killed Aiden’s (his story is in book 9) and that his ex girlfriend is who killed Annalise’s family. Why? Apparently Annalise’s mom did date the stalker guy and got pregnant and she gave the baby up for adoption and the ex of the stalker thought she could get stalker guy back by retrieving the kid.

Whew…yeah. So yes…that means there is another, unknown Winters out there, story 10.

This book impressed me the most because it tied EVERYTHING together.

Overall, the characters were likeable, and since you are familiar with about 90% of the characters in the book it makes it more fun.

In summary, I give this a 4 out of 5.

Summary of other books in the Winters Saga:

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