The Perverted Royals by Patience Parks

Patience Parks is a new author. This is a pen name of two New York Times Bestselling Authors who wanted to create novellas of really hot stories. These books aren’t more than sixty pages so they are quick to get through. The Perverted Royal Series is made up of the following books: Perverted Princess, Perverted Duchess, Perverted Viscount, and Perverted Prince.

Spoilers Ahead ***

To start off, I was received these books as part of an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

These books were so fun! They were quick reads and because that is the intent there isn’t a lot of character building, there’s minimal world building, but big impact on emotional build-up. The stories themselves are around a stereotypical world of royalty. These people have money, there are arranged marriages, etc. I’ll give a quick snippet of each book.

Perverted Princess
What’s a princess to do when her kingdom needs support? She arranges a marriage with the second son of a neighboring kingdom to form an alliance, of course. But Princess Freya wants love and is heartbroken that she will never get to experience it as she hasn’t seen her intended since they were children. She wouldn’t even get the opportunity to get to know him as she is expected to marry her betrothed the next day. Needing to experience one more night of freedom she throws caution to the wind and sneaks out of the castle to attend the town’s candlelight festival. While looking at the art that is on display for the festival she meets Rath and has an intense attraction to him which has her sneaking off with him. They never get to finish the deed, but she’s happy that she’ll have one moment of lust and passion to hold onto. When she walks down the aisle toward her future husband she realizes that he is Rath. So HEA for all.

Perverted Duchess
When a woman is labeled as a socialite party girl, she’s gotta live up to the hype and Daria does just that. Long nights of partying and bringing a different guy home every time has given her quite the reputation. The big secret is she’s still a virgin, she makes sure whoever she brings back to her place is super trashed and has him sleep on the couch in her room. The fun part is her bodyguard, Izak who has loved her since the day he met her has his own secrets. He’s a prince from another country following a tradition his country does, kind of similar to an Amish rumspringa when they are to work in the “real world” for a year. He has been at it for three just to be near Daria. Hijinks ensue and Izak decides to playout one of Daria’s sexual fantasies and “kidnaps” her to do dirty, dirty things.

Perverted Viscount
Valen has had a thing for his secretary Annabelle since he met her and the feeling is mutual. The only problem is she doesn’t think she’s good enough, afterall, he is a Viscount and she’s a “lowly” American. Okay, the book never says that, I’m just paraphrasing. Valen offers to be Annabelle’s date to a wedding because her date bailed on her for a richer, more elite woman. Tonight is the night Valen decides to make Annabelle his. And so he does, over and over again.

Perverted Prince
Oh now this one…REALLY would love to see as a full blown novel. There is a ton to work with here. The interesting thing about this book is that it is only one-sided POV whereas the other three books were two-sided. Though I dislike one-sided POV with a passion it actually worked well. Though Preston Atland is a prince he owns and runs a multi-billion dollar company. While he is taking a pleasure cruise on his yacht, cleverly named, Prince-At-Sea, one of the women who works for him, Maggie, catches his eye. He attempts to keep his hands off, but can’t stop himself from desiring her. He proceeds to woo her by taking her on a day trip and dinner.

In summary, I give this a 4 out of 5. My only disappointment is I loved these so much I wish they were full-blown novels. I know that isn’t the intent, but still, doesn’t stop me from wanting it.

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