Undone by Ivy Layne

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Undone, by Ivy Layne is a 432-page contemporary romance novel and is the second book out of a 3-part series (other reviews can be found below). It is written from a first-person POV, two-sided.

Ivy Layne is an author who generally writes dirty, dirty sex scenes. So if you’re someone who is looking for some dirty read (which there is nothing wrong with that) this is the book for you. much for my liking.

Spoilers Ahead ***

This book was hinted at in Unraveled with Knox Sinclair heading up to Maine in search of information on Lily’s dead husband. This is all a continuation on the Sinclair brothers finding out what kind of shady business their dad Maxwell is up to.

Lily made some bad decisions. Her parents never liked him, but Lily believed it was love and went for it anyway and they “disowned her”. Her husband’s family didn’t like her because she wasn’t from the “right kind” of family and told their son to choose and he chose her. So it sounds like it’s good…but it wasn’t. Really weird things started to go down. He was incredibly controlling, he didn’t want her to work, he had insane security, and Lily didn’t seem to be weirded out by it. Maybe because she was estranged for her parents she didn’t believe she had a support system to run to? That part was never addressed. Let’s just say she was quite happy after her husband was murdered.

The Sinclair’s were the ones who did the security on her home so Knox went up to Maine to check it out. That is the different of this one book compared to the others, this one takes place in Maine while the others took place in Atlanta. Anyway, I really like Knox as a character. Out of all the brothers he was the introverted, “easy-going”, thoughtful one. Still alpha, of course, else it wouldn’t be an Ivy Layne book.

You find out all kinds of crazy things in the book:

  • Her family actually tried to reach out to her, but her husband kept it from her by hiding/getting rid of letters
  • Her husband cheated on her numerous times and brought home a baby and said it was theirs and she didn’t really question it because she was desperate for a baby
  • Her husband was trafficking babies and people

Overall, I appreciated the relationship between Knox and Lily, but some of the scenes were boring. Lily can’t bake because she treats baking like cooking and doesn’t measure out ingredients appropriately so her baked goods come out salty or dry. Even though this could technically be read as a standalone it’s much better to read the Winters Saga and then the Sinclair’s because it provides awesome backstory to what’s going on, who Maxwell is, and why he’s a jerk.

In summary, I give this a 3 out of 5.

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