Busy life

I need to get better at reviewing. It’s been a bit crazy this year. My full-time job has been nuts. Then in February I learned that I was selected as a mentee for RWA RAMP.

The RWA RAMP is Romance Writers of America Romance Author Mentorship Program. Super excited about it, but it also meant I needed to go back and rework a lot of my book. To enter the program you had to submit your first three chapters, which I did, but then I realized the pacing and development of my book was not good enough.

My mentor had a deadline for her book March 1 and asked me to send her my full manuscript by the 5th so I spent almost 2.5 weeks rewriting my WHOLE book. it was exhausting. So I didn’t read, I didn’t write anything else. I worked all day, kicked it with my kiddo before she went down for her nap and wrote. I even took a couple of days off my normal day job when my nanny was here to write. It was insane, intense, and I was exhausted.

I’m back! I have a ton to catch up on, but I’m hoping to go back to posting 1-3 times a week for reviews. Looking forward to share my opinions with y’all again!

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